who we are

We are a company formed by a creative designers, advertisers, marketers, and architects, who put all of their experience in each project they are involved in. We design strategies to the needs of each client, doing everything from coordinating the operational stage, executing and controlling the appropriate actions to achieving all targets. Through a good partnership based on trust, communication and good ethics in every project that is done, Marketing Adept achieves the objectives of each client. Our experience in marketing, graphic design and the use of the latest technology, such as design software, we can always offer creative solutions and a competitive advantage that allows good positioning and brand recognition

Marketing Adept is located in McAllen Texas, providing services to nearby cities such as South Texas: Harlingen, Brownsville, Laredo, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas Texas, as well as border cities like Saltillo, Coahuila, Monterrey N.L., and Reynosa Tamaulipas.

" All wins are born when we dare to start".
- Eugene Ware






1. Creating of logo.
2. Editorial.
3. Web development.


Creating of logo

Marketing Adept advises you to generate the logo creation, through a creative studio, proposes the creation of a fully known brand of the company’s philosophy and services, managing to build a comprehensive manner with all the elements of communication.



We offer advertising work for magazines, books, brochures, catalogs etc.


Web development

Marketing Adept develops websites for various items, with effective strategies designed to make your visits become your next customer.





1. Positioning.
2. Web audit.
3. Analysis and selection of keywords.
4. Marketing social networks.

Marketing Adept is responsible for designing and implementing a social media strategy, together with the group of professionals; do web audits for errors and then make the necessary changes to fully optimize the website. Suggests several creative strategies in search engines and social media according to the needs of each client, making powerful position that inspires confidence and which emanate a relevant and differentiating promise.

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Media Marketing

The present times require organizations to develop multiple methods of communication with its various stakeholders. The management of these communications must be the result of well-defined organizational objectives and knowledge of the public involved. .

Marketing Adept offers the following services:

• Communications advice.
• Design and development of corporate social responsibility plans.
• Design and development of opinion studies.


Institutional Communication

The communication of the company is a strategic tool to build competitive advantage. Marketing Adept advises on various plans to promote the integration of company-Clients so that it impacts positive responses.

The services offered by Marketing Adept are:

• Communication strategy design.
• Communications audit.
• Integral development point of sale.
• Development of corporate identity programs.




Marketing distribution channels

We collect information necessary to plan and facilitate the distribution, developing and publishing persuasive messages about your product through:

1. Channels of distribution.
2. Development of new and existing markets.
3. Product launch.





Product Marketing

It is necessary to create a long-term link between the consumer and the supplier, Marketing Adept aims to create this link and connection through:

1. Marketing and promotional strategies.
2. Trade marketing actions.
3. Planning and development of local communication.
4. Layout and display strategies.
5. Development and management of retail marketing.





Market Intelligence

Market intelligence allows, through a constant flow of information, to know more deeply the market and the performance of your company:

1. Data analysis.
2. Market research.
3. Price analysis.
4. Localization studies of outlets.

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• Training+Coaching

Marketing Adept offers various specialized courses for every need your company or institution, we have the best highly qualified consultants..

Our training not only broadens the knowledge of the participants, but also seeks to adapt the course to the current need of the contracting company.

The courses offered at Marketing Adept are:


• Sales optimization.
• Bussiness Entrepreneurship.
• Audit of employee satisfaction.
• Marketing on social networks.
• Customer loyalty.
• Coaching business / executives.









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